CKS Memorial Hall – The Archway

Before entering the CKS Memorial Hall, there is a large archway standing in front of the square. This is one of the characteristics of Chinese buildings.

Do you know why the Archway has 5 holes?

Watch carefully~
Actually, you would find out there’re 5 entryways, 6 pillars and 11 roofs.

This kind 5-6-11 configuration is the highest rank archway which only can be used on the emperor’s mausoleum in China.

There is a archway in National Palace Museum, too. But the rank of the configuration of this archway is 5(entryways)-6(oillars)-5(roofs) which is lower then 5-6-11 of the CKS Memorial Hall.

So….the CKS Memorial Hall is an emperor’s mausoleum?

No, the CKS Memorial Hall isn’t an emperor’s mausoleum.
It is a special memorial to commemorate Chiang Kai-shek.

Chiang Kai-shek is the first president of the Republic of China( Taiwan). He is regarded as a controversial figure. (External Link Chiang Kai-shek Wiki )

But the government considered him to be a great president in those years. So the memorial was built according to the specifications of the Imperial Tomb and royal palace. Such as…

Many years later, some of Taiwanese were very angry with this design and they mocked the memorial as a temple.

Even so, the designers of the CKS Memorial Hall had hidden a lot of ingenuity. The highest rank Archway is only part of it. Overall, it’s design level and ingenuity are worth visiting.

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