CKS Memorial Hall – Liberty Square

The name of the square in the CKS Memorial Hall is “Liberty Square”. (or “Democracy Squaere“)

The name(“Liberty Square“) was made into a stone sign hanging on the archway. And these words were very beautiful written by a well-known calligrapher.

His name is Wang Xizhi (Chinese: 王羲之) .

His most famous work is the “Lantingji Xu” (蘭亭集序 in Chinese) and there is an interesting story about it.
It is said that Wang attended a party and he was drunk at the party. The “Lantingji Xu” was completed when he was drunk. Next day, Wang woke up and tried to rewrite the preface many times but failed to create the same sublime beauty as the first time.

Why is this square called ” Liberty Square” ?

At this square, many social movements were launched here, the most known was the Wild Lily Movement which happened on March, 1990. There were 22,000 demonstrators joining the movement to seek direct elections of the president.

The Archway that stood at the liberty square also witnessed the process of democratization in Taiwan. That’s why this square is called “Liberty Square“. (See more Liberty Square)

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