Lungshan Temple – Mythical Creatures

In Chinese mythology, the dragon is the most noble creature.

The Chinese Dragon has many magic powers, such as controlling the weather, growing large and shrinking small its own body, and flying high in the sky and diving deep in the seas.

In Chinese temples or palaces, there are many dragon carvings or patterns to represent nobility and propitiousness. (See more Chinese Dragon)

You can see the dragon carvings on the pillar.

On the roof …

and the statue of dragon in the fountain.

When we talk about dragons, we must mention this man

A descendant of the Dragons.

Are you also curious about other magical creatures in Chinese mythology besides dragons?

In Chinese mythology, there are many magical creatures, which can also be seen in the Lungshan Temple.

Let’s talk one by one.

This is the Phoenix, which the Chinese think that it reigns all other birds and represents prosperity and peace. (See more Chinese Phoenix)

This is the Kirin. It represents kindness and good omens. (See more Kirin)

This is the White Tiger. It dominates wars and represents dangers, in Chinese mythology.
(See more White Tiger)

This is Stone Lion. Its mission is to protect the temple.
(See more about Stone Lion.)

It is the Chi Tiger. It is not a tiger. It is the one of the nine sons of the Dragon. Its head is like the dragon but its tail is like the fish. (See more Chi Tiger and 9 sons of the Dragon)

Bat or “Bian-Fu(蝙蝠)”
The Chinese think that it represents good fortunes and luck because the character “Fu” sounds exactly the same as the word for luck (“福” in Chinese). (See more WuFu)

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