Lungshan Temple – The Door for Gods

Do you know which door is for gods in a Chinese temple?

Or which door should you choose to enter the temple?

The right door??

The left door or the middle door??

Anyway… never choose the middle door!

The middle door is for the statues of gods to go out and come in on certain specifical festivals.

Mortals should enter a temple through the right door and leave through the left door.

If you can’t remember this rule, it doesn’t matter. You could easily find the entrance and exit signs in the Lungshan Temple.

But why the rule?

Dragons in China represent the auspicious creatures.

The door on the right is called the Dragon Gate. Enter through the Dragon Gate and you will be blessed with luck and good fortune. (See more Azure Dragon)

Tigers in China represent the danger and wars.

The door on the left is called the Tiger Gate. Leave through the Tiger Gate and you will be blessed with protection from dangers. (See more White Tiger)

If you come to Lungshan Temple, try not to forget which entrance you should get!

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