Lungshan Temple – Master Crafts

The caisson ceiling is one of the Chinese architectural features that could usually be found in the ceilings of Chinese temples and palaces.

However, the structure of this caisson ceiling in the Lungshan Temple is much more complicated.
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This caisson ceiling of the Lungshan Temple consists of many layers showing a complex network structure, so the Taiwan craftsmen call this type of caisson as “spider web ceiling“.

Interestingly, there is a mysterious thing in the center of this caisson ceiling.

It is called Bagua Mirror or Eight Trigrams Mirror, which is a useful tool of Feng Shui in Chinese culture. There are always eight symbols on such a mirror, representing the eight elements.
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Chinese believe that it can protect against negative energy and bring good fortune.

In addition to the caisson ceiling, there are many masterpiece statues in Lungshan Temple that are worth looking at.

Have you noticed that there are beautiful carvings everywhere in the Lungshan Temple?

Over thr roof…

Over the window…

On the wall …

On the pillar…

Some carvings are even painted with gold color that make carvings look more lively.

Each carving represents a specific story and each was made by great carving masters.

By the way… Never bring the magical Tablet to the Lungshan Temple!

There’re too many carvings!!

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