Chinese Myths – Goddess of Seas

In Greek mythology, we all know that the god of the seas is Poseidon.

In Chinese mythology, there is a goddess of the sea, called Mazu.

Mazu is also known as the Heavenly Empress of the Sea, guarding ships on the seas for their safety. (See more Mazu)

And there are two guardian generals of Mazu.

One is General Clairvoyant (“Qianliyan” in Chinese, means “Thousand-Mile Eyes“), who can see everything in the world. (See more Qianliyan)

The other is General Clairaudient (“Shunfenger” in Chinese, means “Wind-Following Ears“), who can hear everything in the world. (See more Shunfenger)

Together, the two generals help Mazu acquire all information they need to protect people.

Why is Mazu believed by so many Taiwanese?

Because Taiwan is a big island in East Asia and surrounded by the seas.

Most of Taiwanese ancestors’ life and work were related to the seas and they believe that Mazu can protect her believers throug divine interventions. So many people in Taiwan still have a strong faith in Mazu until now.

Today, there are many temple festivals about Mazu, all enormously held every year. Even many government officers would be there.

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