CKS Memorial Hall – Secrets of Main Hall

The Main Hall of the CKS Memorial Hall is very magnificent. And some secrets are hidden under his beautiful appearance.

Let’s start with this person before talking about secrets of the Main Hall. His name is “Chiang Kai-Shek“. Chiang was one of famous leaders, such as Churchill and Roosevelt, during the world war II.

Yes, the “CKS” is the abbreviation of Chiang Kai Shek. This memorial was builded for him.

Chiang was born in 1887 and passed away in 1975, so he died at 89. See more Chiang.

Guess what?

OK! The next secret is between the steps.

It is called “yulu” that is one kind of roads. Originally, it is a road (or path) that only an emperor and God can walk on it.

The yulu of the CKS Memorial Hall is very different from the standard yulus. Yulus usually use the dragon’s patterns.

But this pattern of the yulu of CKS Memorial Hall is …

You can find the same pattern on the ceiling of the Main Hall.

What is that pattern?

This pattern is a combination of blue sky and white sun.

Yes, the designer of the CKS Memorial Hall hid the pattern of the Nationa emblem of the Republic of China in three places. One is the yulu, two is the ceiling of the Main Hall and three is the colors of the buildings in the CKS Memorial Hall.

That’s why the most of buildings in the CKS Memorial Hall are painted in blue and white.

“the most” ?

There are two exceptions, they are the National Theater and Concert Hall.

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