CKS Memorial Hall – National Theater and Concert

There are two buildings in CKS Memorial Hall to dedicate to performing plays and concerts. They are also buildings that are not painted blue and white in CKS Memorial Hall.

One is the Nationa Theater Hall.

The National Theater Hall presents performing arts such as drama, opera and dance.

The other building is National Concert Hall.

This concert hall presents orchestra performances and other simliar programs.

But can you tell me what difference between the two buildings is?

The left figure is the National Theater and the right figure is the National Concert Hall.
See more National Theater and Concert Hall.


I can’t tell either !!

There is a secret about the Theater, Concert Hall and Main Hall.

These three buildings are like three mountains standing at the memorial. This is called “Three mountains stand togethter” in Feng Shui, which is a very good structure to maintain prosperous fortune of this place.

I heard that this structure can make the country great.

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