CKS Memorial Hall – Grotesque Windows

There are many windows on the walls of the CKS Memorial Hall.

The other side of the wall is the roofed corridor. (See more this roofed corridor)
When you take a walk through the roofed corridor, you will see various shapes of windows on the wall.

Let’s count it.

That’s right!!
There are 18 kinds of shapes.

When you and your friends come here, don’t try to get your head out of the windows, pleasssse.

At the end of the roofed corridors, two gates are connected.

One is called “Gate of Greate Loyalty“.

The other is called “Gate of Greate Piety“.

The configuration of these two gates is 3(entryways)-4(pillars)-3(roofs). They are smaller then the front Archway, and their rank are also lower then the front Archway.

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