CKS Memorial Hall – Two Ponds and a Trail

There are two ponds in the CKS Memorial Hall. One is called “Yun Han Pond”. This name meansthe shadow and the cloud in English.

There is a sad story about this name. In ancient times, there was an emperor whose country was destroyed, and fled to an island on the sea. He wrote a poem telling that he missed his kingdom. When he saw his lonely shadow that just is like the cloud in the sky. It only wandered around by the wind, no home to stay.

The other pond is called “Guang Hua Pond”. This name means to revival of the Republic of China in English.

This is Chiang Kai-shek‘s biggest wish. Who is he?
Please see the Chiang.

There are lots of koi carps and cute stone sculptures in the two ponds.

Ha ~~ That is my favorite !!

Few people know that there is a special walking trail behind the Main Hall.

There are a lot of “Hoop Pine” on both sides of this trail and these trees had been planted since 1980. (See more Hoop Pine)

These trees are very precious, so every hoop pine of the trail has it’s own label and ID number.

There is an interesting thing. When you walk on this walking trail, you’ll feel cool even on a very hot day.

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