Chinese Myths – Stone Lions

Stone lions are common in Chinese architecture. The stone lion’s job is to protect the building from harmful spiritual influences and is also a mighty ornament.

Stone lions are usually to set up in pairs. One is a male and the other is a female.

The male usually stands on the right side and he has a ball in his mouth or under his paw.
Why ???

It was said that in ancient times, there were many monsters in the world and they distrub people. A man asked the god to help people and he got a magic ball from the god. As long as the magic ball is contained in his mouth, he could change into a lion. The monsters were afraid of the lion and escaped around. That is why there is a ball in the mouth of a stone lion.

The female which usually stands on the left side and she has a baby cub under her paw.

Have you notice one little thing?

There is no Lion in China !!

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