Chinese Myths – Walking Beasts

Sometimes, you see some little sculptures along the ridge line of the Chinese-style buildings.
What are they?

First, let’s talk about “Gargoyles“. They are constructed as a rain spouts and they are said to protect the buildings from any evil or harmful spirits. See more Gargoyle.

The little sculptures are called “walking beasts”(or crouching beasts). They have two purposes. One is like gargoyles to protect the buildings from any evil or harmful spirits.

The other purpose is to cover the roof nails to avoid nails corrosion.

The first one is not a beast but a deity who ride a phoenix.

What are the nine beasts?

No.1 is a dragon which represents nobility and propitiousness.
No.2 is a phoenix which represents prosperity and peace.
No.3 is a lion which protects the building from harmful spiritual influences.
No.4 is a heavenly horse which represents nobility.
No.5 is a seahorse which represents auspicious.
No.6 is a mythical lion which is a hybrid of lion and dragon can keep evil away.
No.7 is a wind- and storm-summoning fish which reigns all fishes kind can extinguish the fire.
No.8 is a courageous goat-bull which represents justice.
No.9 is an evil-dispelling bull which is one kind of dragons can eliminate disasters.

See more walking beasts. Other interesting creatures 9 sons of the dragon.

These walking beasts are on the roofs of temples and royal palaces, so…

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