Chinese Myths – Saint of War

Almost everyone knows this god in Taiwan and there are many temples builded for this god.

Red face , long beard , a big blade… Who is this god?

This god’s name is Guan Yu.
He has many titles, such as Lord Guan, Guan the Second Brother, Lord Emperor Guan Yu, Saint of War.. and so on.

More than 1800 years ago, Guan Yu was one of the best generals of the war time.

Guan Yu’s weapon is called Green Dragon Crescent Blade. It’s said to weigh 49 kgs. That is a very heavy weapon but Guan can wave it easily!! See more this weapon.

Guan Yu defeated many enemies with this heavy blade. People praised Guan the invincible warrior.

Many of Guan Yu’s stories are in a famous novel called The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

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This novel is very famous and has been made into many TV series, movies, comics and even video games.

What Guan Yu is most admired is his paradigms of loyalty and righteousness. This eventually changed him from mortal to god.

In Taiwan, many people believe in Lord Guan, especially the police officers and business people.
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Yes, he is one of the richest people in Taiwan. (See more about Wiki)

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