Chinese Culture – Moon Blocks

When visiting the temples in Taiwan, not only do people worship the gods but they also make requests to the gods. But, how do they do that?

How do they know if the gods agree or not?

People use the Moon Blocks(“Jiaobei” in Chinese) to communicate with the gods. They are two half-moon shaped pieces of red wood.

How to use the Moon Blocks?

Hold the Moon Blocks, make one reqeust at a time in your heart, and then throw the blocks on the ground.

If one block shows the flat side up and the other convex up, it means “yes” –
the gods agree to your request.

If both blocks show the convex side up, it means “no” –
the gods are displeased.

If both blocks show the flat side up, it means that the gods have not yet decided the answer, and you should throw the blocks again.

With one block or both standing erect on the ground, some people believe that it is a miracle and the gods may have other instructions.

Now, you know how Taiwaness communicate with the gods.

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