Chinese Culture – Worship Gods

Many people worship gods for everything in life in Taiwan.

Such as..
for Health (See more Medicinal God)
for Love (See more God of Love)
for Business (See more Lord Guan)

In Chinese folk religions, when people worship gods, they take a thing called incense sticks.

The Chinese believe that the smoke of burning incense sticks can carry their prayers and float up to gods in heaven.

How do the Chinese use incense sticks to worship gods?

In order to achieve that, first, people would hold the incense sticks and pray silently with all the heart for the gods.

Next, once finishing the silent and sincere prayers, people would bow to gods to express their gratitude.

Last, people put the burning incense sticks into the incense burner and the ceremony is now completed.

One more thing…

Just remember , do not blow the incense sticks with your mouth.

It’s a disrespectful behavior to gods!!

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