228 Peace Park

There is a century-old park located in the bustling Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, called “228 Peace (Memorial) Park”.

The park was built in 1899, when Taiwan was still under Japanese rule.

The original name of this park was Taipei Park, a Japanese settlement in Taiwan and a venue for many events.

In 1945, after the end of World War II, the control of Taiwan was then handed to the Republic of China (ROC).

On Feb. 28, 1947, from this park, the local civilians started a series of rebellion activities in several cities against the authorities’ mismanagement, that unfortunately resulted in many people’s deaths.

Few decades later, in 1990s, the government made February 28 a public holiday, called “228 Peace Memorial Day“… (See more 228 incident)

And, a monument was bulit in this park, which was also renamed as “228 Peace (Memorial) Park“. (See more 228 peace park)

This park has witnessed important history of people in Taiwan struggling for democracy and freedom, which never come easy.

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