228 Peace Park – 228 Monument

There is a very conspicuous object in the 228 Peace Park. It is the 228 Monument.

But …

How many secrets do you know about it?

The cube-shaped object in front of the monument symbolizes “rebuilding order after the 228 Incident“.

There is an inscription on the plate of a cut-off sphere (642 words in total), telling the story of the 228 Incident (see “228 AND PEACE“).
The plate attached to the sphere has an angle of 23.5-degree to the ground, making it parallel to the Earth’s equator, as a symbol that the 228 Incident happened on this very island (Taiwan) where the Tropic of Cancer crosses through.

The lightning-rod-shaped part on the top of the monument, which is made of steel, symbolizes Port of Keelung and the very incident happened there. The steel making the monument was revomed from a crane previously in Port of Keelung, where the military force deployed from the mainland China had landed to suppress protests in Taiwan.

These black steel balls in the pool symbolize the blood of the victims of the 228 Incident.

The trail under the monument is made up of slates in two colors. One represents “Yin“, in memorizing of the 228 victims. The other symbolizes “Yang” for recovery from sorrow.

These handprints symbolize the very sadness of the families of the 228 victims.

This is Cong (琮), one of the rituals for paying respect to ancestors in tranditional Chinese culture.

There is a big Cong made of stone under the 228 Monument. You can see the names of the 228 victims engraved on it. (See more 228 incident)

If you come to 228 Peace Park, don’t miss this monument.

By the way, February 28 is a public holiday in Taiwan.

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