228 Peace Park – National Taiwan Museum

There is an oldest museum of Taiwan in the 228 Peace Park. It is the “National Taiwan Museum”. This building materials are from the black marble of Akasaka and the white Crystalline Mirabilite of Mito. They are top building materials in Japan.

The exterior of this museum mixes the European Renaissance and Baroque styles.

This building was established in 1908 and was originally an exhibition hall to celebrate the opening of the Main Line in Taiwan. (See more National Taiwan Museum)

There are two bronze buffaloes in front of the museum.

They were cast by the Japanese in 1935~1937, and they are also historical bronze statues.

This mark is Taiwan.

The two bronze buffaloes were originally placed at the Taiwan Shrine. Later, the shrine was demolished and converted into the famous Grand Hotel Taipei.

The bronze buffaloes moved to the current position of the 228 Peace Park.

And …
There is a mysterious device behind the museum.

This is a Sundial. (See more Sundial)

It was built by a group of astronomical apes in 1953.

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