228 Peace Park – Chinese Pavilions

There is a traditional Chinese pavilion in the middle of the pond in the 228 Peace Park.

This pavilion is called Cuihengge.

Cuihengge is to commemorate Sun Yat-sen.

Who is he?

He is the Father of the Nation of the Republic of China.

There is another beautiful memorial in Taipei to commemorate him.
(See more Sun Yat-sen)

The Cuihengge features an traditional attic style, which is very conspicuous in the 228 peace park.

But unfortunately it is not open to the public.

The good thing is, if you visit here at the right time, you can watch the 15-minute fountain shows every hour on the hour.

By the way…. when you watch the fountain show….

Don’t do that, please……

And at each of this pond four corners stands a traditional Chinese pavilion.

And, there is a statue at each pavilion to commemorate the four heroes who helped develop Taiwan.

This pavilion is called Tsang-hai Ting. It commemorates Chiu, Feng Chia, who contributed to the early education work in Taiwan. (See more Chiu, Feng Chia)

There is even a university in Taiwan named after Chiu, called Feng Chia University.
(See more Feng Chia University)

This pavilion is called Jian-hua Ting. It commemorates Lian Heng, who wrote the first book dedicated to the history of Taiwan. (See more Lian Heng)

Now the descendants of the Lien family are still very famous in Taiwan’s political circles.

This pavilion is called Da-qian Ting. It commemorates Liu, Mingchuan. He is the first governor of Taiwan Province and he has made lots contributions to the early construction of Taiwan.
(See more Liu, Mingchuan)

There is also a university in Taiwan named after Liu, called Ming Chuan University.
(See more Ming Chuan University)

This pavilion is called Da-mu Ting. It commemorates Zheng, Cheng Kung. He is a hero header who defended Taiwan during 1661. (See more Zheng, Cheng Kung)

The Taiwanese have regarded him as a god, and some also call him Koxinga. (means a man given an honorable title from the country)

If you look up at the roofs of these pavilions, you will see some walking beasts.

What is that? You can flip through my previous posts. (walking beasts)

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