228 Peace Park – Confucius Statue

There is a statue of a dignified man in 228 Peace Park. He is Confucius.

Confucius is the Great Teacher of China.

Actually, I personally believe that Confucius was a cool person who had flexible mind and humorous personality.

More than 2,500 years ago, school education was not popular among the general public in China.

Confucius was the first teacher to pass on knowledge to the general public.

The Chinese honored him as “Model Teacher for Ten Thousand Ages” or “Extremely Sage Departed Teacher“. (See more Confucius)

His teachings were collected by his students into a book called Analects.
(See more Analects)

This story is from the Analects.

One day, Confucius finished his class and returned to his lab with the student “Chi”.
A student “You” rushed into the lab and asked Confucius a question.

“You” asked,「Master! Should I immediately carry into practice if I heard a good idea?」
Confucius said, 「 Hold on! Go home first and talk to your father and brother. 」

Then, another student “Qiu” walked into the lab and asked the same question.

Qiu asked,「Master! Should I immediately carry into practice if I heard a good idea?」
Confucius said, 「What are you waiting for? Yes, do it immediately! 」

Student “Chi” felt confused so much and asked the Master.

Chi asked, 「Master! Why do you give the opposite advice for the same question?」
Confucius said, 「Qiu always hesitates, therefore I encourage him to do it ASAP. But “You”, his courage is too much left, that’s why I want him to listen to others’ opinions first.」

There are two Chinese characters on the basestone below the statue, called “Xing tan“. “Xingtan” was the place where Confucius taught his studets before. Today, this term means the educational circle.

I used to read the Analects in order to cope with the exam. So I thought it is very boring. Now I read the Analects because of interest. It turns out that it is a very interesting book. However, it is written in classical Chinese, which is quite difficult to read the original.

If you want to read the Analects, try this website “The Confucian Analects“.

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