228 Peace Park – Two Old Archways

There are two old archways in the 228 peace park. They both are very meaningful monuments. One was built to honor a zealous man and another one was built to honore a widow.

Yes, in China, this kind of the archway usually is used to honor someone.

Let’s talk about the two archways in the 228 Peace Park. The one archway is called“Ji Gong Hao Yi”, which means being zealous for public interests.

Here is the story.
A few hundred years ago in Taiwan, people living in the north had to travel to the distant south to take the national examinations. How far is it?

It is about 300 km! That was a long way and a dangerous journey in the past.

Later, a person donated his land and money to establish an examination hall in northern Taiwan to benefit examinees in the north. His name is “Hong Teng-yun“. So, the government build this archway to honor his dedication.

And there are two big stone lions on both sides of the archway. Please refer to this post, Magic Ball, for the story of this pair of stone lions.

The other archway is called “Memorial Archway for Lady Huang’s Chastity and Filial Piety“.

About 150 years ago, there was a widowed woman, who after her husband passed away, devoted her life to taking good care of the husband’s family and never got married again.

Therefore, the governmen built this memorial archway to honor her perseverance.
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By the way, this archway is decorated with many mythical creature carvings, such as dragons, phoenixes, kirins, lions and Chi tigers. Please refer to this post, Mythical Creatures, for the stories of these mythical creatures.

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