228 Peace Park – Two Old Locomotives

There are two locomotives in the 228 peace park and both are more than one hundred years old.

This one is called Teng-Yung, which means running very fast as if flying in the clouds.

It was made by Hohenzollern in Germany in 1887 and is now the best-preserved of only the three same model remainging in the world. (See more Hohenzollern and Teng-Yung)

The other one is called “No. 9 of Taiwan Railway” or “TRA No. 9“.

It was made by the Avonside Engine Company in England in 1871 and is now one of the oldest preserved train engine in Asia.

Before TRA No. 9 was transferred to Taiwan in 1901, it had been pulling trains in Japan between 1872 and 1895, including the Emperor’s royal train once.
(See more Avonside Engine Company and TRA No.9)

And … in front of the exhibition hall, there is a loudspeaker where you can hear the recorded sound of Teng-Yung running.

Want to hear the sound? Be careful with the volum. Sound of the Teng-Yung

(Background photo by Ivandrei Pretorius from Pexels.)

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