228 Peace Park – The Mythical Horse

There is a vivid copper horse in the 228 peace park.

The horse is very delicate, and even blood vessels on the face are presented.

There is a mysterious sign on the belly of this horse, which symbolizes where it came from.

Based on this sign, some people speculated that this copper horse could be …

one mythical horse statue of Taiwan Gokoku Jinjia, which was established when Taiwan was under Japanese rule and then in 1966, was demolished and rebuilt as the National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine.


And you will see such stones in many places in this park and they are not ordinary stones.

What are these stones?

There was a huge temple in the 228 peace Park before.

This temple was built in 1888 and was called “(Taipei) Grand Mazu Temple“. The worshiped deity of this temple is Mazu.

Later, the temple was demolished in 1906 to bulid this park. Only the cornerstones of the temple’s pillars were left.

Who is Mazu?

Please see Mazu.

If you walk in this park, you might take a look at these stones. They are the evidence that this temple once existed.

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