228 Peace Park – 228 Memorial Museum

This museum is “228 Memorial Museum”.

It was previously called the “Taipei Broadcasting Station” built in 1931 and is the first radio station in Taiwan. (See more 228 Memorial Museum)

Before the radio became popular, the general public had to gather at the Taipei Broadcasting Station of this park to listen to the radio.

This was originally the Japanese Colonial Radio Station broadcasting messages at the time, and it remains standing in the 228 park nowadays.

The shape of the Japanese Colonial Radio Station is actually a little like a Japanese stone lantern. (See more stone lantern)

There is a amphitheater in this park.

There has been an outdoor stage in this park since Taiwan was under Japanese rule.

After several renovations and redesigns, it became what it is now.

And this is the “Arch-Bridge Pond” of this park.

This pond imitats a Japanese garden, with a moon bridge in the center of the pond. (See more Moon bridge)

At dusk, this pond looks particularly melancholy and calm.

If you come to Taipei, do not miss this park.

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