The Lin Family Garden – Traditional Chinese Buildings (I)

There are three Halls in the Lin Family Mansion and Garden.
No. One is Guan-jia Hall.
No. Two is Ding-jing Hall.
No. Three is Lai-ching Hall.

The first main building is Guan-jia Hall where the Lin family could see the farmers working on their land.

On the sightseeing platform of the second floor, the Lin family could even see the distant numerous farms below the Kuanying Mountain. (See more Kuanying Mountain)

There is an opened-book-shaped wall in front of Guan-jia Hall, which symbolizes “reading enriches the mind”. (See more Guan-jia Hall)

The second main building is Ding-jing Hall where the Lin Family hosted their guests and held parties.

Din-jing Hall is in the style of “Siheyuan“, one of the historical Chinese architecture, commonly with four buildings around a central courtyard. (See more Siheyuan)

It is the largest building in the garden. (See more Din-jing Hall)

What does ”Ding-Jing” mean ?

  1. freeze; don’t move
  2. be quiet in class
  3. concentrate on studying

The Chinese words for Ding-Jing is “定-靜“. This vocabulary comes from the Great Learning, which was originally one chapter in and then separated from the Book of Rites, one of the ancient Chinese classic books. (See more Great Learning and Book of Rites)

The vocabulary means that when you are studying, you should glue yourself to you seat and not be absent-minded. The original owner of the Lin family named the house “Ding-Jing” to encourage his children and grandchildren to study seriously.

The answer is “3.concentrate on studying“.
Did you answer it correctly?

The third main building is Lai-ching Hall previsously for hosting honorable guests.

It is also the most luxurious building in the garden.

In front of this building, there is a stage where the theater performers could entertain their guests.
(See more Lai-ching Hall)

It is fanny that some film companies often came here to make horror movies, and then the nearby residents mistakenly thought there are ghosts in this house.

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