The Lin Family Garden – Traditional Chinese Buildings (III)

The Chinese like to enjoy the moon.

The Lin family is no exception. They dug a pond in the garden and built a hut , called “Yue-Po-Shui-Hsieh“, dedicated to enjoy the moon on the pond.

It looks like a small boat staying on the pond. People can enjoy the moon in the hut or on its roof.

There is a bridge connecting to the hut.

By the hut, there are stone stairs, called “Shiji“, connecting to the roof of the hut . (See more Yue-Po-Shui-Hsieh)

There are many such pavilions for relaxing and enjoying the views in the Lin Family garden.

This is a pavilion, too.

This is a stage where the theater performers performed dramas for guests.

This stage is called “Kai-Shiuan-Yi-Shiau“. It is located in front of the Lai-ching Hall. (See more Lai-ching Hall)

This is a “Respect Words Pavilion“. What is it used for ?

It was for burning books or paper with texts, showing the people’s respect for knowledge in old times.

Try it, what is this?

  1. a pavilion
  2. a prison
  3. a bird cage

It is a big bird cage! The Lin family had peacocks in this cage to appreciate their beauty.

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