The Lin Family Garden – Carvings

You can see many interesting carvings in the Lin Family Garden.

There are bright wood carvings under the eaves.

The story of this wood carving is about a famous general celebrating his 80th birthday.

This general′s name is Guo Ziyi who was a Tang dynasty general. He was one of the few long-lived, wealthy and successful politicians in ancient China. With the carving telling this general’s story, it is to bless the Lin family to have rich, successful and long life. (See more Guo Ziyi)

There are also colorful and painted windows with mythical creatures(Chi Tiger).

Can you count how many Chi Tigers there are on each window?

The number is 4. What is Chi Tiger? You can see this post. (Lungshan Temple – Mythical Creatures)

This pumpkin-shaped stone sculpture blesses to get rich and have many descendants.

Why?? You can see this post. (Lin Family Garden – Bizarre Window (I))

This carving contains a pine and cranes, blessing longevity.

This carving contains bamboos and deers, blessing wealth.

These two carvings are at the front door of Ding-Jing Hall. (See more Ding-Jing Hall)

Because the Lin family often helped others, the emperor awarded the Lin Family this sacred monument. This was a very great honor at old times.

The pattern on the ceiling contains four bats, blessing good fortunes and luck. Why?? You can see this post. (Lin Family Garden – Bizarre Window (I))

This pattern is on the ceiling of the first floor of Lai-Ching Hall. (See more Lai-Ching Hall)

And the middle pattern is a crane that blesses longevity.

What kind of role does a crane usually play in Chinese myth?

  1. Kung fu master
  2. Mount of the immortals
  3. Wise old man

In Chinese mythology, the mounts/vehicles the immortals ride are various kinds of mythical creatures, including cranes. In addition, cranes have longer life than ordinary birds (about 30-40 years). So, cranes become a symbol of blessing living for a long life in Chinese culture. (See more Red-crowned crane)

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